Faculty list

This is a list of URE registered faculties.
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College of Optics (CREOL)/Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)
Dr. Ngwe Zin - Undergraduate researcher for Silicon Solar Cells Development
Mr. Jason Strickland - Test Position for EXCEL/COMPASS
Prof. Michael Chini Chini - Second Harmonic Generation and Characterization
Prof. Abdelkader Kara - Research assistant
Dr. Mihai E Vaida - 94703
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Qiushi Fu - Research Assistant
Dr. Robert Steward Jr. - Research Assistant
Dr. Samik Bhattacharya - Flow over staggered cylinder
Prof. Dazhong Wu - Data-Driven Smart Manufacturing
Prof. Ali P Gordon - Undergraduate Research Assistant
Dr. Samik Bhattacharya - Undergraduate research assistant
Dr. Anna Savage - Herpetology, disease ecology and genetics
Dr. Linda Walters - Marine Conservation – Restoration Success
Dr. Chase M Mason - Untangling the Macroevolution of Plant Defense across Temperate Woody Trees and Shrubs
Dr. Lisa Chambers - Volunteer Research Assistant-Aquatic Biogeochemistry Laboratory
Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering
Prof. Woo Hyoung Lee - Undergraduate research assistant
Prof. Woo Hyoung Lee - Undergraduate research assistant
Department of Mathematics
Dr. ZHE LIU - Undergraduate Math Learning Semir
Dr. Zhisheng Shuai - Mathematical Modeling in Ecology and Epidemiology
Dr. Andrew Nevai - Mathematical biology
Dr. Alvaro Islas - Computatiol applied mathematics
Department of Physics
Dr. William Kaden - Surface-Science Investigations Model Catalysts within Ultra-High Vacuum
Dr. Joseph Donoghue - Understanding Climate Change
Dr. Jacquelyn Chini - Physics edu Research
Dr. Richard Blair - Modified Graphene for Improved Zinc/Air Fuel Cells
Dr. Richard Blair - Smart Phone Ebled Forensic Identification of Substances of Abuse
Dr. Richard Blair - Capturing Carbon Dioxide for Green Fuels and Reducing Greenhouse Emissions
Dr. Joshua Colwell - Planetary Microgravity Research Laboratory Scientist/Engineer
Dr. michele montgomery - Numerical and Theory
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Nina Orlovskaya - Ceramic Composites for Aerospace Application
Dr. Nina Orlovskaya - Study of LaCoO3 Cathodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Dr. shawn Putnam - Interfacial Energy Transport
Dr. Kawai Kwok - Design of Flexible Structures for Space Applications
Dr. Samik Bhattacharya - Flow over flexible wings of an MAV
Dr. Sang-Eun Song - Design and development of surgical intervention and healthcare innovation
Dr. Hyoung Jin Cho - On-demand 2D/3D fabrication of no-micro structures
Dr. Andrew Dickerson - Insect flight and fluid dispersion in nature
Dr. Kurt Lin - Simulation of Swarming Robots via Matlab
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Jeffrey L. Kauffman - Adaptive Structures for Aerospace Applications
Dr. Jay Kapat - Advanced Concepts for Power Generation and Aviation Engines
Dr. HIDEMI TAKAHASHI - Flow Visualization in Supersonic Wind Tunnel
Dr. Alain Kassab - Computatiol alysis of the biomechanics of closed reduction of developmental dysplasia of the hip
Dr. Kareem Ahmed - Flame-Vortex Dymics in a Ramjet Combustor
Dr. Robert Steward - Cellular Biomechanics of Heart Disease
Dr. Kareem Ahmed - Detotion Turbulence Flow Control for Propulsion Augmentation
Dr. Suryaraya Challapalli - Advanced Materials Processing
Dr. Ali Gordon - Structural Alysis of Hypersonic Platforms (Fatigue and Fracture)
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Dr. Ulas Bagci - Medical Image Alysis – Radiology and NeuroScience
Dr. Fei Liu - Twitter data crawling and alytics
Dr. Linwood Jones - Remote Sensing Satellite Data Alysis
Dr. Mingjie Lin - Using FPGA for Probabilistic Computing
Dr. Sumit Jha - Next-Generation Parallel Computing
Dr. Sumit Jha - Big Data Alysis
Dr. Arup Guha - Determine what characteristics lead to success in COP 3223
Dr. Damian Dechev - Modern Programming Techniques
Dr. Jiann Yuan - LDMOS devices
Dr. Niels Da Vitoria Lobo - Computer vision projects
Dr. Thomas Wu - Plar Magnetics Design for DC-AC Inverter Modules
Dr. Sumanta Pattaik - Real-time realistic rendering
Dr. Z Qu - Learn some of the state-of-art topics
Dr. George Atia - Detecting abrupt or gradual changes
Dr. Juin Liou - Research in the design and simulation of electrostatic dischrage
Dr. Gita Sukthankar - Investigating social models within RAP systems
Department of Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering
Dr. Kelly Kibler - Ecohydraulics- mangrove, oyster reef and shoreline restoration
Dr. Fidelia Ndi - Water Resources and Quality
Dr. Arvind Singh - River bed and flow turbulence interaction: Experimental and Numerical investigations
Dr. Necati Catbas - Dymics of Structures for Assesment of Civil Structures
Dr. Necati Catbas - Use of Non-destructive technologies for structural evaluation
Dr. Woo Hyoung Lee - algae biofuel production and hydrogen production from wastewater
Dr. Dingbao Wang - Hydrology and Water Resources Enginering
Dr. Manoj Chopra - Pervious Pavements and recycled materials used in pavements
Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty - Traffic safety and Traffic simulation
Dr. Steven Duranceau - Drinking Water Quality and Treatment Process Engineering
Department of Statistics
Dr. Daoji Li - Big Data: Applications and Statistical Alytic Tools
Department of Chemistry
Dr. Candice Bridge - Lubricant Alysis
Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences
Dr. William Self - Next Generation Anti-inflammatory Biomaterials
Prof. Salvador Almagro-Moren - Research Assistant
Department of Computer Science
Dr. Pamela Wisniewski - Designing Better Solutions for Protecting Teens Online
Dr. Mubarak Shah - Computer Vision
Dr. Haiyan Hu - Data Mining and Machine Learning for Biological Data Alysis
Dr. Charles Hughes - Avatar-Mediated Interaction
Department of Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering
Dr. Naveen Eluru - Evaluating the benefits of multi-modal investments on promoting travel mobility in Central Florida
Dr. Fidelia Nnadi - Surface Water Pollution
Dr. Boo Hyun Nam - Florida’s geohazard: Sinkhole
Dr. Boo Hyun Nam - notechnology-based multi-funcation materials for civil engineering applications
Dr. Boo Hyun Nam - Sustaible material solutions for building and construction
Dr. Samiul Hasan - Resilience Alytics from Social Media Data
Dr. Kelly Kibler - Hydrologic modeling of river flows in ungauged basins
Dr. Steven J. Duranceau - EXCEL Program – Potable Water Quality, Treatment & Distribution Systems
Dr. Necati Catbas - New Applications for Engineering
Dr. Anwar Sadmani - Advanced and Sustaible Water Treatment Processes
Dr. Talea Mayo - Computatiol Modeling of Hurricane Storm Surges in Florida
Dr. Boo Hyun m - Space Foundation: Understanding and assessment of extraterrestrial soils
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Wei Sun - Self-healing Smart Grids
Department of Optics
Dr. Stephen Kuebler - notechnology for Controlling Light
Department of Biology
Dr. Anna Savage - Amphibian and reptile immunogenetics and disease ecology
Dr. Lisa Chambers - Wetland Biogeochemistry
Dr. Joshua King - Ants, ant lions, termites, and dung beetles
Dr. Eric Hoffman - Using genetics for conservation
noscience Center
Dr. Debashis Chanda - notechnology for Enhanced Light-Matter Interactions and Energy Harvesting
Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Griffith Parks - Parainfluenza Virus Neutralization
Department of Biology
Dr. Linda Walters - Marine Biology Field Research and Outreach
Dr. John Weishampel - laser-based remote sensing
Dr. Pedro Quinta-Ascencio - Gradients of humanization
Department of Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Seetha Raghavan - Mechanics of Aerospace Structures
Dr. Stephen King - Understand how intracellular transport
Dr. Rangathan Kumar - Design of 100 micron microchannel fluid system and measurements
Department of Industrial Engineering and Magement Systems
Dr. Pamela McCauley Bush - Initiation of a USNew Zealand Human Factors in Disaster Magement
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Dr. Donald Malocha - Solid state surface acoustic wave technology
Dr. Ali Borji - Research in computer and human vision
Dr. Shaojie Zhang - Design and Implementation of Bioinformatics Algorithms
Department of Anthropology
Dr. J. Marla Toyne - Investigation of Ancient Diet using Stable Isotope Science
Dr. Denisia Maria Popolan-Vaida - Untangling the Effect of the Airborne Soil Organic Particles on the Chemical Balance of the Atmosphere
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Prof. Junjian Qi - Data Analyst for Utility Outages
Dr. Amro Awad - Undergraduate Research Assistant
Prof. Brian N Kim - Device design for brain-machine interface and portable medical diagnostics
Computer Science
Dr. Pamela Wisniewski - Research Assistant – Interface Device and Mobile App Development
Dr. Charles E Hughes - Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality
Dr. Ali Borji - Human and Computer Vision Research
Civil, Environmental, & Construction Engineering
Dr. Kelly Kibler - Ecohydraulics Research Assistant
Dr. Samiul Hasan - Disaster Data Science Research Intern
Florida Space Institute
Dr. Julie Brisset - Microgravity experiment design, operation, and data analysis
Materials Science and Engineering
Dr. Kristopher O. Davis - Contact Passivation for High Efficiency Solar Cells
Dr. Kristopher O. Davis - Measurement and Analysis of Solar Cells
Dr. Kristopher O. Davis - Measurement and Analysis of Solar Cells
Prof. Kevin R Coffey - Materials Research
Prof. Yongho Sohn - Undergraduate Research Intern/Assistant
Dr. John Starbuck - Anthropology Image Analysis and Morphometrics Laboratory
Burnett School of Biomedical Science
Dr. Shawn Li - bioinformatics and genomics research at UCF
Dr. Stephen C Medeiros PE - Undergraduate Research Assistant in Geospatial Data Fusion
Industrial Engineering and Management Systems
Dr. Qipeng Phil Zheng - Undergrad Research Assistant for Applied Operation Research Lab on Social Media and Network Optimization Studies
Planetary Sciences Prog., Dept. Physics
Prof. Joseph Donoghue - Understanding Climate Change
Institute of Simulation and Training
Dr. Joseph T Kider Jr - VR / AR Designer and Programmer
Dr. Joseph T Kider Jr - Game Programming
Dr. Joseph T Kider Jr - Augmented Reality Developer
Department of Magement
Dr. Tang Wang - Cluster effect of US defense innovation post 9/11 attack
Dr. Tang Wang - LinkeIn Java API testing
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Dr. Tengfei Jiang - Materials Reliability for Advanced Microelectronics Packaging
Nanoscience Center
Dr. Tania Roy - Inelastic Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy in noscale electronic devices
Dr. Swaminathan Rajaraman - Design and Fabrication for noBioSensors and Systems Lab
Dr. Tania Roy - Future noelectronic and photonic devices
Dr. Artem Masunov - Pharmacophore Crystal Structure Prediction
Dr. Tania Roy - Next generation electronics for energy-efficient computing
Department of Physics
Dr. Aniket Bhattacharya - Understanding Morphology of Tumor Progression
Dr. Addie Dove - Spacecraft-Plasma Interaction Experiments
Dr. Eduardo Mucciolo - Simulation of classical and quantum circuits
Dr. Bo Chen - Expression and purification of recombint proteins, and coarse grain simulation
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Ali Borji - Theory and applications of deep learning and neural networks
Dr. Murat Yuksel - Smartphone App Development for Network Magement Game
Dr. Murat Yuksel - Free-space-optical and visible light communications
Dr. Qun Zhou - Solar Power Forecasting Using Deep Learning Techniques
Department of Chemistry
Dr. Stephen Kuebler - New Material Systems for noscale Laser-Based 3D Printing
Department of Industrial Engineering and Magement Systems
Dr. Ivan Garibay - Big Data for Zika Epidemic Computatiol Modeling
Dr. Adan Vela - Forecasting Traffic Recovery
Dr. Adan Vela - Big Data Ingester / Infrastructure
Dr. Adan Vela - Modeling Air Traffic Systems
Department of Mathematics
Dr. Zhe Liu - A Math & Art Project

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