Dr. Robert Steward Jr.
Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Position at UCF:
E-mail: rstewardjr@ucf.edu
Campus Location: Lake Nona
Project Title: Research Assistant
Project Description:

Title: Biomechanics of Leukocyte Transmigration

Description: Leukocyte transmigration describes the process by which leukocytes (white blood cells) move from blood flowing through the circulatory system across the thin layer of cells lining the inside of all blood vessel s(endothelium) to surrounding tissues. This process requires leukocytes to 1) form strong mechanical attachements with the endothelium and 2) migrate across the vessel wall. The 2 previously mentioned processes highlight the fact that leukocyte transmigration involves mechanical forces, yet the role mechanical forces play is unknown. This project seeks to answer this question and students who work on this project will be paired with a graduate student to assist in this work.


Student Responsibilities: Experience in cell culture (preferred, but not required) This experience is open to all students with a biology or engineering background. While there are no explicit skill requirements students will be reuired to put maximum effort in their research.
Student Requirements: Responsibilities will include performing routine cell culture, hydrogel fabrication, time lapse microscopy, and minimal data analysis.
Type of Project: Team
Possibility of Payment: Yes
Number of Students: 2

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