Dr. William Kaden
Department: Department of Physics
Position at UCF:
E-mail: william.kaden@ucf.edu
Campus Location: Orlando (Main Campus)
Project Title: Surface-Science Investigations Model Catalysts within Ultra-High Vacuum
Project Description:

Using cutting edge surface-science methodologies, such as low-temperature scanning-tunneling/atomic-force microscopy/spectroscopy, various photoemission-based spectroscopies (i.e. Xray-PS), ion-scattering spectroscopy, and mass-spectroscopy, we will investigate model catalytic systems with applications ranging across fields as disparate as planetary science and processes relevant to conventiol and altertive fuel-based energy economies. The common theme holding all projects together will be an effort to correlate relevant changes to catalytic activity towards chemical reactions of interest to variations in fundamental physical properties of the system, such as electronic and physical structural effects, which will be characterized at the atomic and molecular levels within our apparatus.

Student Responsibilities: None. All are welcome to apply.
Student Requirements: Working within 1 of up to 3 projects, each accepted student will work in conjunction with responsible graduate students to:(1) Successfully utilize brand-new pieces of highly sophisticated experiential equipment (delivered in Spring of 2016!) to carry out well-designed scientific experiments intended to yield fundamental insights into relevant surface properties relative to catalytic processes of interest.(2) Help maintain, repair, and further develop the evolving technical capabilities of the equipment in response to the scientific needs of ongoing research objectives.(3) Keep an open mind, avoid persol biases, abide by the scientific method, and never be afraid to ask a questions; repeatedly so, when the first answer is not satisfactory.
Type of Project:
Possibility of Payment:
Number of Students: 2

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