Dr. Charles Hughes
Department: Department of Computer Science
Position at UCF:
E-mail: hughes@ucf.edu
Campus Location: Orlando (Main Campus)
Project Title: Avatar-Mediated Interaction
Project Description:

This project involves extending technologies and applications of the Avatar-Mediated Interactive Training and Individualized Experience System (AMITIES). AMITIES combines game engine, network and user interaction technologies, and an after-action review system to provide experiences that give users the sense of “being there,” while simultaneously capturing objective quantitative data, and ebling subjective tagging so events can be reviewed by researchers (data alysis), coaches (debriefing) and users (reflection). Current applications of AMITIES include the TeachLivE project that allows prospective and in-service teachers the opportunity to rehearse their classroom skills. We also address skills training in job interview, de-escalation and social interaction.

Student Responsibilities: Required:COP3503Java, C, C++ or C# programmingPreferred:C# ProgrammingCAP4720Unity game engine experience
Student Requirements: Work as a member of the Synthetic Reality Laboratory (SREAL) team as a programmer. Support human factors studies and users of the resulting systems and applications. Provide technical demonstrations to perspective partners.
Type of Project:
Possibility of Payment:
Number of Students: 2

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