Dr. John Weishampel
Department: Department of Biology
Position at UCF:
E-mail: jweisham@mail.ucf.edu
Campus Location: Orlando (Main Campus)
Project Title: laser-based remote sensing
Project Description:

I have a SA-funded project that involved laser-based remote sensing (LiDAR) over the tropical rainforest in Belize. Though the emphasis is on detecting sub-canopy Maya archaeological features (at Caracol), we want to also see if there is a trend of deforestation from the Guatemalan border into Belize.

Student Responsibilities: Familiarity with computers and standard office software is desirable. Students should be able to perform simple mathematical problems, such as ratios. Ideally, students will have a working knowledge of GIS.
Student Requirements: Student will focus on detecting forest canopy gaps and determining if there is a decreasing trend with distance from the Guatemalan border.
Type of Project:
Possibility of Payment:
Number of Students:

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