Dr. Alvaro Islas
Department: Department of Mathematics
Position at UCF:
E-mail: aislas@mail.ucf.edu
Campus Location: Orlando (Main Campus)
Project Title: Computatiol applied mathematics
Project Description:

Students will work in computatiol applied mathematics. They will work on putting together a package of existing techniques to solve differential equations and create a gallery of examples illustrating their strengths and weaknesses.

Student Responsibilities: Calculus I and II. Being comfortable using computers. Being able to vigate the web to find information and summarize it.
Student Requirements: Students will learn basic numerical techniques, particularly, symplectic methods use in long term simulations. Students will learn to use MatLab to create graphs and simulations. Students are expected to give a poster presentation illustrating these techniques.
Type of Project:
Possibility of Payment:
Number of Students:

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