Dr. Anwar Sadmani
Department: Department of Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering
Position at UCF:
E-mail: sadmani@ucf.edu
Campus Location: Orlando (Main Campus)
Project Title: Advanced and Sustaible Water Treatment Processes
Project Description:

Specific projects are developed based on student background, and subject to research needs at the time student is accepted. Dr. Sadmani’s research specializes in the study of drinking water with emphasis on removing emerging micro-pollutants via low and high-pressure membranes (ultra-filtration, no-filtration, reverse osmosis) and hybrid processes (forward osmosis-no-filtration/reverse osmosis).

Student Responsibilities: Students that have proficiently completed coursework in chemistry and calculus with a minimum of"B" and are scheduled to take, or have completed, ENV3001 (Introduction to Environmental Engineering). Students will be required to attend UCF's laboratory safety classes prior to starting any work; the safety classes are offered by UCF Environmental Health and Safety intermittently throughout the year. Knowledge of word, excel, statistical and data analysis software are a plus. Response and review of an application does not indicate a guarantee of acceptance.
Student Requirements: Student responsibilities vary depending on research project needs, and may include conducting literature review, preparing and maintaining laboratory glassware, and performing basic water quality analysis. Students will assist the graduate students in Dr. Sadmani’s lab with experimental setup assembly, and sample preparation and analysis for detecting contaminants in trace concentrations.
Type of Project: Individual
Possibility of Payment: Yes
Number of Students: 2

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