Dr. Tania Roy
Department: Nanoscience Center
Position at UCF:
E-mail: tania.roy@ucf.edu
Campus Location: Orlando (Main Campus)
Project Title: Next generation electronics for energy-efficient computing
Project Description:

We are working on developing the next-generation electronic device that can outperform today’s transistors, at the same time consume way less power than today’s technology. We use novel nomaterials, mostly atomic monolayers of two-dimensiol materials for these devices. Interested hard-working undergrads will learn nofabrication, electrical and optical characterization techniques. Successful undergrads will be able to publish scholarly articles and present at tiol conferences.

Student Responsibilities: High GPAHardworkingPassiote about research
Student Requirements:
Type of Project: Individual
Possibility of Payment: Yes
Number of Students: 4

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